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  At Sugar Creek Fishery OUR GOAL is to provide you with the best Products and Services. We specialize in shipping Live Fish Including Koi, Tilapia, Ornamental goldfish and other living pond elements. We are proud to be from the state where the aquaculture industry is rapidly growing. Ohio has increased potential to become one of the leaders in U.S. aquaculture production and competitive production advantages for specific species to accomplish this goal.

                We guarantee our fish to arrive alive and in good health using Fedex Express Overnight shipping service. We also offer Pond and Fish treatments such as Dimilin-x, EZ Copper, Performagreen, Bahama Blue pond dye, Bottom View water clarifier as well as Fish Food.  We have great customer service so feel free to ask us any questions.  All of our fish are raised in Ohio, the heartland of the USA.  All fish are quarantined for at least three weeks before they are sold.  Whether you are buying koi for the first time, or you are a serious collector looking for show-quality fish, we have the best variety of types, sizes and quality in the area. We hope for the opportunity to do business with you.  

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