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We sell a great variety of Freshwater Fish. We specialize in Koi (butterfly and standard fin) and Tilapia and Albino Channel Catfish.

We offer quality Aquatic Plants for your aquarium or pond.


​​​We are proud and confident that Sugar Creek Fishery  has the best quality koi in the area.  High quality koi are not easy to achieve, however we have worked hard to assure that this is what you will see when you visit us. This is our passion. Whether you are buying koi for the first time, or you are a serious collector looking for show-quality, we encourage you to see and decide for yourself by visiting us. 

Sugar Creek Fishery is located in Lima, OH. We are a family business specializing in both beautiful butterfly and standard fin koi. We are also known for our 100% pure line blue tilapia and white channel catfish. We use no hormones and no dangerous chemicals to grow our fish. 


           To provide you with the best service & products. We guarantee our fish to be    not only delivered alive but also to be in great health. We also offer other products &    services. We have great customer service so feel free to ask us any questions. Our main goal is to supply our customers with beautiful healthy fish at reasonable prices. 


          We sell a great variety of Freshwater Fish from Bluegill, Channel Catfish, and Yellow  Perch to Largemouth Bass & we specialize in Koi (butterfly and standard fin) and Tilapia.

          We sell a great variety of safe chemicals to use for your pond.

          We offer the best aquarium products at awesome prices plus we offer consultation to make     sure you are getting  the best service to suit your needs. 

   We offer quality Aquatic Plants for your aquarium or pond.

          Browse our nice selection of pond products.

       Enter our Pest Control Store. 

          Thank you for visiting us here at Sugar Creek Fishery. Relax and enjoy our website. Please let us know how we may assist you. Feel free to contact us, as we believe that sharing information is vital to serving you. Your opinion does matter. ​

The following are some of the farms and facilities that we utilize to provide with your koi and fish needs.



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